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Promotions you can run with SQUID
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Some of the promotions available with SQUID are as follows: 

Free Coffee Code Promo:

We'll provide you with a code to offer free coffees to your customers to help encourage them to sign up to your loyalty scheme. You can choose how many free coffees to give out!

Free Coffee Tag Promo:

This will reward a customer with a free coffee on their first tap. After they buy their first coffee, they will receive 1 free coffee, similar to buy 1 get 1 free

Tree Planting Promo:

We will plant 1 native tree on your behalf for every 10 new customers you get. You can set a goal for yourself over a period of time, such as 100 new users in a 30 day period.

Double Stamp Day/Week:

This will give your customers a double stamp for a set period of time. You can provide this to new or existing users and it can be applied to the first stamp only or all stamps! 

If you would like to get any of these promotions set up or if you have any other ideas of promotions to run in your store, please proceed to filling out the following form or set up a call with a member of our customer success team to discuss further

If you are interested in running any promotions please email with the details of the promotion. Please also include your business name!

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