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To enable PenelopeMobile you will need to be logged into Penelope using a System Administrator account.

What is PenelopeMobile?

PenelopeMobile is a mobile version of Penelope designed to allow direct service providers access to key features on a smartphone or tablet. PenelopeMobile will give staff who provide services in client homes or in the community the ability to:

  • Deliver impact beyond the desk

  • Get real-time access to information on the go

  • Provide consistently high levels of care wherever, whenever

PenelopeMobile will be released in multiple iterations from late 2019 and throughout 2020, with each iteration adding new functionality. The first iteration is included in Penelope version (December 2019) and allows users to view their schedule (e.g. upcoming events (appointments) including attendees, time and duration, location, event status etc).

How to Enable PenelopeMobile

Follow the steps below to enable PenelopeMobile in your Penelope database:

1. Login to Penelope using a System Administrator account.

2. In the System Setup section select PenelopeMobile.

3. On the PenelopeMobile Setup page click the edit button.

4. Check the PenelopeMobile Enabled box.

5. Enter the number of years you would like to Dynamic Archive (i.e. How many years of historical data you want to display in PenelopeMobile).

6. Enter the number of days for Technical Inquiry Expiry (i.e. The number of days you want a Technical inquiry to expire after).

7. Select a Technical Inquiry Category (i.e. Indicate which Worker Category you want to receive Technical Inquiry messages from PenelopeMobile. Ensure the Worker Category is populated with at least one active Worker in Penelope).

8. Enter a Technical Inquiry Description (e.g. Please describe the issue you are encountering for your Support team to respond to).

9. Click Save.

Logging into PenelopeMobile

Once the steps above have been completed a mobile icon will appear in Penelope on the right-hand side of the screen. When a Worker clicks this icon the Worker will be taken to PenelopeMobile.

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