Configure your Site User Defined Fields
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Complete these steps to enable and configure User Defined fields for Sites. The User Defined fields appear on a second tab on the Site page (under a tab you define the label for).

Enable Site-Based User Defined Fields

  1. Navigate to System Setup > Site > Setting tab and click Edit.

  2. In the User Defined Tab Label field, type your preferred tab label for the Site user defined fields.

  3. Click the User Defined Tab Enabled option.

  4. Click Save.

Configure Site User Defined Fields

1. Navigate to System Setup > Site > User Defined tab and click Edit.

2. For each field you want to configure:

-Type the Field Name (the label for the field)

-Click the In Use checkbox to enable the field

-Optionally click the Required? checkbox to indicate the information must be provided

User-defined fields for Sites

3. Click Save.

4. For any drop-down fields you’ve enabled, in the Active User Defined Fields section > Type column, click Drop-Down and add your Active Values.

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