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Understanding Referral Setup
Updated over a week ago

You will need to be logged in with a System Administrator account for Referral Setup.

The Referral Setup page includes configuration options applicable to Referrals in Penelope. Many of the options on this page are settings you configure when you first set up Penelope but you may revisit these settings occasionally as your requirements change.

Settings Tab

The Settings Tab is divided into two sections, Default Reason and Field Setup. You will need to configure both these sections to use Referrals in Penelope.

Default Reason section

Here you can configure the default reasons for Inbound, Outbound (External) and Outbound (Internal) referrals.

There are three different types of referrals in Penelope:

  1. Inbound: A referral to your agency from another organization.

  2. Outbound (External): A referral from your agency to another organization.

  3. Outbound (Internal): A referral to another service within your agency using the Pre-Enrollment List.

Field Setup section

Here you can customize your Referral Reason and Outcome drop downs as well as create a user-defined field.

Referral Type (Inbound and Outbound External)

The Type drop-down used for Inbound and Outbound External referrals is a list of Blue Book Types and is not configured on the Referral Setup page.

For instructions on how to configure Blue Book Types please visit the Configuring the Blue Book page.

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