Understanding DSS Setup
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The DSS module helps your agency manage the submission of eligible services to the Australian Government Department of Social Services.

To submit client records to DSS you must first configure DSS from the System Administrator side of Penelope. You will also need to configure all DSS funded Case Services. This ensures that the required DSS fields will appear in the:

  • Service File page

  • Service Event page

  • Referral page

  • Group page

  • Group Event page

DSS Setup

The DSS Setup page includes configuration options applicable to DSS in your Penelope database. Many of the options on this page are settings you configure when you first configure Penelope but you may need to revisit this page occasionally as your agency’s requirements change.

You will need to be logged in with a System Administrator account for DSS Setup. A valid DSS license key is also required.

Here you will be able to configure Configuration, Default and Integration settings for DSS in Penelope.

Communication Details

The Communication Details section allows you to Ping the DSS server as well as update the Outlet Activities, Reference Tables, Domains/Scores and Synchronize.


It should be noted that if you attempt to contact DSS with incorrect credentials five times your account will be automatically locked by DSS. Contacts are considered ping attempts, updating Outlet Activities, updating Reference Tables, updating Domains/Scores as well as submissions. If you lock your DSS account you must contact DSS directly to unlock it.

The DSS module includes support for Activity and Service Type data requirements for DSS programs. Some programs like CHSP and NDAP have requirements outside of the DEX framework that is not supported in Penelope.

Obtaining Web Service Credentials from DSS

Your agency must obtain Web Service credentials from DSS to configure the DSS module in Penelope. You must contact DSS to obtain your Web Service credentials. When you contact DSS you must specifically request Web Service credentials.

Please note that these credentials are different than DSS Web Portal credentials. For more information visit www.DSS.gov.au. You may also wish to obtain an AUSkey to use the DSS Web Portal. An AUSkey is not required to use the Web Service (which Penelope uses) for system-to-system submission of records. However, if you want to sign into the DSS Web Services to view or verify records DSS requires the use of an AUSkey.

For more information regarding DSS requirements and AUSKey visit abr.gov.au/AUSkey.

Additional Resources from DSS

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