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Understanding Individual Setup
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Attention: Athena is now Bonterra. Please bear with us as we update our screenshots to match our new name

The Individual Setup section includes configuration options applicable to Individuals (clients) in your Penelope database. Many of the options in this section are settings you configure when you first set up your Penelope database, but you may revisit these settings occasionally as your needs change. Individual settings are available across the following tabs:

  • Setting

  • User Defined

For information on where Individual user defined fields will be displayed in Penelope click here.

Setting Tab

Individual Setup settings

The Setting tab includes general settings that affect Individual Profiles and methods for adding new clients to Penelope including:

  • Options to avoid adding duplicate individuals

  • Identification number tracking and formatting (AUS Medicare, SIN, SSN, etc.)

  • Default values (main phone type, date of birth, etc.)

  • Additional data tracking

User Defined Tab

Individual user defined tab with callouts

The User Defined tab is where you can configure custom fields specific to the data you capture for your clients. Most typically these fields are used to collect demographic information or other basic information you would include on an intake form.

There are a variety of field types available including:

  • Checkboxes

  • Drop-downs

  • Dates

  • Text fields (short text)

  • Memo fields (long text)

Individual User Defined are extremely useful data collection tools as they can be used in combination with several other Penelope features like Search and Reports. For example, you can report on several Individual User Defined fields in the Unique Individual Demographics, Service File Demographics, and Actuals reports.

Considerations when Configuring Individual (Client) Profiles Settings

Built-in fields vs. User Defined fields

When designing your Individual User Defined fields, remember that there are several built-in data collection fields available in Penelope already available on the Individual Profile (and intake tools like the Intake Wizard and Add Individual tool). It’s important to understand which fields are already available so you can maximize your user defined fields!

Built-in Individual fields include:

  • Name (First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name, Title)

  • Gender (drop-down list pulling from the master Gender list)

  • Date of Birth

  • Address(es)

  • Contact Information (phone, email, etc.)

  • Site

  • Identification NumbersSIN, SSN, AUS Med, PPS, or OtherAUS Department of Veteran Affairs IDAUS Medicare IDNZ National Health IndexNII (National Identification ID)

  • Language (drop-down list pulling from master Language list)

  • Speaks English (checkbox)

  • Safety Concern (checkbox with text entry field)

  • Financial Concern (checkbox with text entry field)

  • Notes (memo field)

  • Aware of Contact (checkbox for both Partner and Home)

  • Collateral Contacts


If you enable Personal Demographic Information, you’ll also find Ethnicity and Race drop-downs available on the Individual Profile > Profile tab.

Each of these fields will be visible on the Individual Profile > Profile tab while, for the most part, Individual User Defined fields reside on the Individual Profile > Demographics tab (with the exception of the User def. list -ind prof which is found on the Profile tab).

Both the Profile and Demographics tabs are typically populated when you complete intake using the Intake Wizard or Add Individual tool. You can modify the values of any of the fields later by editing the values on the Profile or Demographics tabs.

Location of Individual User Defined fields in Penelope

Individual Profile Page

The Individual Profile page includes all active User Defined fields. The fields display in the following order:

Individual Text 1
Individual Text 2
Individual Drop-Down 1
Individual Drop-Down 2
Individual Checkbox 1
Individual Checkbox 2
Individual Date 1
Individual Date 2
Individual Text 3
Individual Text 4
Individual Drop-Down 3
Individual Drop-Down 4
Individual Checkbox 3
Individual Checkbox 4
Individual Date 3
Individual Date 4
Individual Text 5
Individual Text 6
Individual Drop-Down 5
Individual Drop-Down 6
Individual Date 5
Individual Text 7
Individual Text 8
Individual Checkbox 5
Individual User Defined Country
Individual Drop-Down 7
Individual Drop-Down 8
Individual Drop-Down 9
Individual Drop-Down 10
Individual Drop-Down 11
Individual Drop-Down 12
Individual Memo 1
Individual Memo 2

Individual User Defined field order

Note: When enabled, the User def. list -ind prof field appears on the Profile tab.

Add Individual Tool

The Add Individual tool includes all active User Defined fields.

Intake Wizard

The Intake Wizard only includes chosen fields.

Search Page

The Search page includes the following fields:

  • Checkbox 1 and 2

  • Date 1 and 2

  • Dropdown 1-6

  • Text 1 and 2

Pre-Enrollment Page

The Pre-Enrollment page includes the following fields:

  • Date 1

  • Drop-Downs 1-11

  • Text 1 and 5


Individual User Defined fields appear in many reports (Detailed Individual Profile Report, Complete Case Profile Report, Service File Summary Report, etc.) but several reports also include these fields as filters or breakdowns:

Document Reports (All)

  • Drop-Downs 1-11

  • Checkboxes 1-4

  • User Defined List – Individual Profile

Unique Individuals Demographics Report (Report On and Report By Options)

  • Drop-Downs 1-11

  • Checkboxes 1-4

  • User Defined List – Individual Profile

Service File Demographics Report

  • Drop-Downs 7-11

  • User Defined List – Individual Profile


  • Checkboxes 1-5

  • Drop-Downs 1-12

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