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How to add an individual / client to Penelope

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About Add Individual

Add Individual is a tool that enables you to enter a new client into Penelope while collecting contact, demographic, referral and preliminary Case information. Unlike the Intake Wizard, creating a profile for a client using Add Individual does not automatically create a Case.

While there are several standard components of the Add Individual tool, your agency has the ability to customize the types of information and questions collected, so your Add Individual tool will probably look a bit different from what you see in this tutorial. If you notice questions or sections in this tutorial that are not part of your agency’s Add Individual tool you can skip ahead to the next part of the tutorial!

Depending on how your agency configured Penelope, you may be asked to input information for your client on the following screens:

Launch Add Individual

Before adding a new client to Penelope, we recommend that you do a quick search for the client first to see if they already have a profile. Searching for the client first helps avoid creating duplicate entries.


On the Home screen, click Search.


On the Individual tab, type a few letters of the client’s first or last name.


Click Go.


If the client does not appear in the results list, click Add.

About the Individual Basic Information screen

The first screen of Add Individual allows you to collect general information about your client:

• Identifying information (name, gender, date of birth)

• Address

• Site (primary location they’ll receive services)

• Contact information

• Individual identifiers (SSN, SIN, NZ National Health Index, DVA, etc.)

Individual Basic Information


1. Type the identifying information for the client including Name, Gender, and Date of Birth.

2. From the Site drop-down list, select the primary Site where the client will receive service.

3. Record any Concerns or Contact information.

4. Complete the client’s Main Address.


You can include one or more phone numbers, email addresses, etc. in a client’s profile. Depending on your agency’s configuration, some Contact Types may be mandatory.

1. In the contact text entry fields, type the client’s contact information.

2. To indicate the client’s primary contact method, in the Select Main Contact column, select the adjacent radio button.

3. To indicate that it is OK to contact the client using a specific contact method, in the Use this contact? column, click the adjacent check box.

4. To specify instructions about the contact method in the Communication instructions column, type the instructions in the adjacent text input field.


If Client Delivery has been enabled by your System Administrator, you can specify if the client has consented to receive communication via email or SMS from Penelope.

1. From the Email Communication via drop-down, select the email address the client would like to receive communication at.

2. From the SMS Communication via drop-down, select the phone number the client would like to receive SMS communications at.

3. Specify how the client would like to receive communication for each type of communications by selecting Use Email, Use SMS, or None as applicable.


These are the unique client identification numbers that your System Administrator has chosen to make available on the Intake Wizard. Values may include:

• SIN (Canada)


• AUS Med (Australia)

• DVA (Australia)

• Medicare (Australia)

• NHI ((New Zealand)

• PPS (Ireland)

• Other

1. If applicable, in the Individual Identifier field(s), type the client’s identification number(s).

2. Click Next.


1. If applicable, in the Individual Basic Information 2 of 2 section, type any text about the client.

2. Click Next.

About the DSS screen

The DSS page of the Add Individual feature is applicable to Australian clients with the DSS module enabled in Penelope. If you are neither an Australian client nor do you submit data to DSS, you can proceed to the Individual Demographics section of this tutorial.

If you are an Australian client using the DSS module, you will see a DSS screen with the standard DSS Client record data fields.

Please note the following when completing DSS information during intake:

• The “Add DSS details for this client?” option on the DSS screen is automatically selected. If you uncheck this option and complete intake, the DSS tab will not appear on the client’s Individual Profile until they are enrolled in a DSS-based Case Service.

• Program-specific and Partnership Approach fields are not included on the Intake Wizard, but they are available from the Individual Profile and Service File/Group DSS tab once a client is enrolled in an applicable Case Service.

Record DSS Client-level data


Complete or update the DSS Client-level data fields shown on the the screen.

Note that if Penelope is your Primary Information System the following fields are not required in your submission and are hidden:

• Is Using Pseudonym?

• Consent to Providing Details?


Click Save.

Individual Demographic information

The Individual Demographics section is comprised of user-defined demographic fields which means that the specific fields will depend on how your System Administrator configured Penelope.

Complete the demographic questions for your client. Required questions are indicated by a *.

1. In the Individual Demographics section, complete any demographic data required by your agency.

2. Click Next.

Individual Employment information

1. In the Individual Employment section, complete any employment data required by your agency.

2. Click Finish.

Note: Prior to clicking Finish, in the Wizard Options section, you can click the Add another individual? option and repeat all previous steps to add other clients to the database.

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