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General External Communication Settings
General External Communication Settings
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General settings are high-level settings that affect External Communications. These security settings are configurable from a System Administration account in Penelope and are available in the External Communications section > Settings tab.

General External Communication Settings Reference



Notify User Category of general errors

An option to specify which User Category general error messages should be sent to. For example, sending a message to an invalid mobile phone number or email address.
A User Category is a grouping that a Worker can be assigned to (comparable to an email distribution list). As User Category options are a user defined, you can create a User Category specifically for receiving errors associated with email distribution from Penelope, or you can use an existing category.

Configure General Settings

  1. Navigate to System Setup > External Communications and click Edit.

  2. From the Notify User Category of general errors drop-down, select which User Category you would like to receive error message notifications.

  3. Click Save.

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