Personal Message Settings (Worker)
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If your System Administrator has enabled certain features in Penelope (e.g. External Communications, Authentication, ClientConnect and/or Engage) it is possible to receive email or SMS messages and notifications.

There are two ways to add/update/edit your email and SMS contacts in Penelope:

To receive email or SMS notifications your My Message Settings will need to be configured.

Change your Personal Message Settings

  1. Navigate to your Worker Profile (My Profile sidebar) from your My Home page.

  2. In the Personal Message Settings box click Edit.

  3. Enter an Email address and/or SMS number.

  4. Click Save.

Important Information

The email address and cell/mobile number located in your Personal Message Settings do not have to be the same as the email address and cell/mobile number used in your Worker Profile. Emails and SMS messages will not be sent to your Worker Profile contacts.

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