Adding an NDIS Funder
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To add an NDIS Funder in Penelope you will need to be logged in with an account that belongs to the Intake Mgmt or Admin-Executive User Group.

Follow the steps below to add an NDIS Funder:

1. From the My Home page navigate to the Setup sidebar on the right-hand side of your screen.

2. Click Add NDIS Funder.

3. In the Funder Name field type the name of the Funder.

4. Select Active in the Status drop-down (ensure Active is selected to use the Funder on an ongoing basis). If in the future you no longer require this Funder, you can change the status to Inactive.

5. In the Registration Number field enter the Funder’s Registration Number.

6. In the Bill To field enter the name that should appear on invoices. This could be a billing contact name, department name or agency name. If unknown enter the Funder name.

7. Select the required statement cycle frequency from the Statement Cycle dropdown.

8. Select the type of Funder from the Funder Type dropdown. Depending on your agency’s configuration this field may be called something different.

9. In the Contact Information section complete the address and contact information for the Funder.

10. Add any Notes (as required) in the Notes field.

11. Click Save.

If you need to add a non-NDIS Funder click here. It is very important that an NDIS Funder is used for all NDIS related activities.

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