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NDIS – Approach 4: Self Managed
NDIS – Approach 4: Self Managed
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This approach is used for agencies working with clients who are fully responsible for managing their own plans with NDIA. In this approach, you can use NDIS Service Units but you do not need to configure any Funder or Policies; instead, regular FFS billing is used to generate an invoice billable to the designated FFS Individual for the client.

Required Configuration and Processes

Required Configuration and Processes in Penelope

Description/When to Complete

Supporting Help Resources

Configuration: Configure the general Billing module

Complete prior to configuring the NDIS module.

Configuration: Configure the NDIS module

Complete prior to configuring the NDIS module.

Ongoing processes: Update a client’s individual profile with their Participant Reference Number

Repeat this process for each client with NDIS coverage.

Ongoing processes: Book an Event

Book an Event with NDIS Service Units as applicable.

Ongoing processes: Record attendance for an Event

To generate an Invoice in the next step, ensure that attendance has been recorded for each applicable Event.

Ongoing processes: Create and submit an invoice

Based on your agency’s preferred processes and invoicing cycle, create an invoice for the NDIS claims and submit the invoice to the Funder.

The Four Core Approaches

There are four core approaches when using the NDIS module for your agency and clients in Penelope. Each approach requires an NDIS license and a configured the NDIS module. For more information on the four core NDIS approaches click here.

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