The Agency Managed approach is intended for agencies who report directly to and are paid by NDIA. In this approach, an NDIS Funder is created in Penelope along with applicable Public Policy/Policies. Clients have Public Policies where the NDIS Funder is the designated payor for applicable services and the NDIS Submission List functionality is used to generate a file that can be uploaded to the NDIA site.

Required Configuration and Processes

Required Configuration and Processes in Penelope

Description/When to Complete

Supporting Help Resources

Configuration: Configure the general Billing module

Complete prior to configuring the NDIS module.

Billing Configuration Guide

Configuration: Configure the NDIS module

Complete prior to configuring the NDIS module.

NDIS Configuration Guide

Ongoing processes: Update a client’s Individual Profile with their PRN

Repeat this process for each client with NDIS coverage.

NDIS Participant Reference Number

Ongoing processes: Add an NDIS Funder

Create at least one NDIS Funder. You may need to create additional NDIS Funders if you submit claims under more than one ABN.

Adding an NDIS Funder

Ongoing processes: Add a Public Policy

Create as many Public Policies as works best for your agency’s processes.

Public Policy Setup Page (Funder)

Ongoing processes: Add Public Policy Coverage for an Individual

Create as many Public Policy Coverages for each of your clients based on your agency’s processes.

Adding a Public Policy (Individual)

Ongoing processes: Book an Event

Book an Event with NDIS Service Units as applicable.

Booking a Service Event

Ongoing processes: Record Attendance for an Event

To generate an Invoice in the next step, ensure that attendance has been recorded for each applicable Event.

Recording Attendance

Ongoing processes: Create an invoice

Based on your agency’s preferred processes and invoicing cycle, create a Batch Invoice for NDIS claims.

Generate a Batch Invoice

Ongoing processes: Create an NDIS file and submit the file to NDIS

Based on your agency’s preferred processes and submission cycle, create NDIS files using the NDIS Submission List feature and upload it to the NDIA site.

NDIS Submissions List User Guide

The Four Core Approaches

There are four core approaches when using the NDIS module for your agency and clients in Penelope. Each approach requires an NDIS license and a configured the NDIS module. For more information on the four core NDIS approaches click here.

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