Funder Setup Page
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You will need to be logged in with a System Administrator account for Funder Setup.

The Funder Setup page includes configuration options applicable to Funders in your Penelope database. Many of the options available on this page are settings you configure when you first set up your Penelope database but you may revisit these settings occasionally as your needs change. Funder settings are available across the following tabs:

  • Setting

  • User Defined

Setting Tab

Here you can configure the User Defined Tab Label, Funder Class and Search settings.

User Defined Tab

The User Defined tab is where you can configure custom fields specific to the data you capture for your Funders.

There are a variety of field types available including:

  • Check boxes

  • Drop-downs

  • Dates

  • Text fields (short text)

  • Memo fields (long text)

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