Sub Documents
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The Sub Documents feature enables you to add an existing finalized Document from your database into the Document that you’re creating. Using Sub Documents allows users to fill both Documents out at the same time if needed. You can choose to make the sub-Document required or optional.


Client Facing documents cannot include Sub Documents.

Adding Sub Documents


When you add a Sub Document to your Document, the current Revision of the Sub Document is included. If you later create a new Revision of the Sub Document, you will want to delete and re-add the updated Sub Document.

1. In your Document, in the Main Body section, click Add Sub Document.

2. From the Sub Document drop-down list, select a Document.

Add Sub Document

3. To make the completion of the Sub Document required, click the Required

4. Click Save.

Once you have added the Sub Document, another Main Body section appears below the Document’s Main Body. You can edit whether the Sub Document is required or not or remove it entirely from the Document from the Converted Body section.

After a sub Document is added

Modify the Properties of a Sub Document

  1. In the Sub Document > Main Body section, click Edit.

  2. Modify whether the Sub Document is Looped (i.e. the sub document can be repeated and completed more than once) or Required (i.e. users will be forced to fill it out as part of the larger document they are completing).

  3. Click Save.

Remove a Sub Document

  1. In the Sub Document > Main Body section, click Remove.

  2. Click Okay to confirm your action.

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