Adding Workers to a Group
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Attention: Athena is now Bonterra. Please bear with us as we update our screenshots to match our new name

You can add additional Workers to a group or change the Primary Worker from the Group page. Each time a Group Event is added the Workers will be added automatically.

  1. From your My Home page navigate to the Links sidebar and click Group List.

  2. In the Results section select the Group Name.

  3. On the Group page (Profile tab) in the Workers and Resources section click Add.

  4. Choose a Type (e.g. select Worker to add an additional Worker or Primary Worker to change the existing Primary Worker).

  5. Start typing the name of the Worker/Primary Worker and then select it from the Lookup List.

  6. If adding an additional Worker check the Start Date box to choose the date the Worker will be added to the group. Add an End Date if applicable. By default Active will be checked for any additional Workers.

  7. If adding a Primary Worker enter an Effective Date (e.g. choose the date the Worker will become the Primary Worker for the group).

  8. Click Save.

The Worker will be added to the Group. Repeat as required.

Depending on your agencies Penelope configuration some of the options available may differ from the images above.

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