How to Add a Group
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The group functionality in Penelope allows you to manage a number of Individuals (clients) who will receive services together within a specific Case Service. When adding a group you will assign a Worker who is responsible for the group, scheduling events, marking attendance and taking session notes. It is also possible to add additional Workers and change existing Workers if required.

Types of Groups

There are two types of groups in Penelope:

  • Non-continuous – A Non-continuous Group is a closed group with a set start and end date. The same group of Individuals (clients) are expected to attend each scheduled event.

  • Continuous – A Continuous Group is an open group with no specified end date in which Individuals (clients) can join and leave at any time.

Note: Once a group is created as Continuous or Non-continuous, it cannot be changed to the other type.

How to Add a Group

Depending on your agency’s Penelope configuration the options available may vary from the images below. To add a group follow the steps below.

  1. From your My Home page navigate to the Links sidebar and click Group List.

  2. In the Results section click Add.

  3. Complete the following fields (if applicable): Case Service, Group Name, Client Facing Name, Visible in ClientConnect, Eligible for Pre-Enrollment via ClientConnect, Group Type, Event Type and Attendance Limit.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Start typing the name of the Primary Worker and then select it from the Lookup List.

  6. Select a Group Site.

  7. Click Finish.

Once the group has been added you will be taken to the Group page.

Maximum Members and Attendees

When working with groups in Penelope:

  • It is recommended that groups have no more than 200 members.

  • It is also recommended that no more than 200 attendees are added to group events.

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