Service Unit List Page
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The Service Unit List page provides an overview of all your agency’s Service Units (normal and NDIS -if applicable-). It is important to note that the Setup sidebar will only appear if you have been assigned to a Security Class with one or more Setup Security Settings activated.

The Service Unit List can be accessed from the Worker’s My Home page by clicking the Setup sidebar on the right-hand side of the page and choosing the Service Unit List.

What are Service Units?

Service Units are the core statistical and billing unit in Penelope and are used to track the services you are providing (e.g. Counselling Session, Phone Call, Home Visit, Group Session etc).

Service Units can also be used to track mileage, food stamps etc and are added to the Cart in Service Events by the Workers involved in delivering the service (or any other worker with access to the event). Service Units are created by the System Administrator (or other workers with appropriate security permissions)

Service Units are sometimes also called Cart Items in Penelope.

How do I add Service Units?

For step by step instructions on how to add Service Units click here.

Important Information

As of Penelope version a Service Unit search has been added to the Service Unit List page. This allows you to filter your results by certain criteria (Service Unit Name, Active Only, Service Unit Type, Service Unit Class and Case Service). For NDIS Service Units you will also have the option of searching by Registration Group and Support Category

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