Creating a Workflow Task
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A Workflow allows a Worker to create a task (or tasks) and assign it to themselves or another Worker. If a task isn’t assigned to a specific Worker it is also possible for a Follower to pick it up using the Pickup functionality found in the Workflow layer of the Collaboration Suite (Task Queue section).

Workflows can be created in many locations in Penelope including the Individual Profile, Case, Service File, Service Event and Collaboration Suite (Workflow layer). If you wish to connect the Workflow to an entity it will need to be added in the relevant location (i.e. Service File or Service Event).

Once created tasks will appear in the relevant Workers Workflow layer in Penelope.

Adding a Workflow Task

If you are unsure who you want to assign the task to or want to send the task to multiple Followers (Workers), then leave this field blank and add Followers/Worker Categories as required. Once saved any one of the Followers will be able to Pickup the task.

If you want to assign the task to a specific Worker but notify other Workers of the task, complete the Assigned To field with the name of the Worker the task is to be assigned to and add any additional Workers as Followers. Followers will not be able to pickup the task but will receive notifications.

The screenshots below could vary slightly depending on where in Penelope you are creating the Task. The screenshots in this example are from the Service File.

  1. Navigate to the Workflow tab on the right-hand side.

  2. In the Task section click Add. It should be noted that when adding a Task at the Worker Profile or Indirect Event level it is not possible to add a Client Task.

  3. Check/Uncheck Record as required. By unchecking, the Workflow will not be associated with the current entity (e.g. Case, Service File, Service Event etc).

  4. Enter an Assigned To.

  5. Select task Type (default is General). For further information on the different types of tasks click here.

  6. Enter a Due Date.

  7. Select a Priority.

  8. Enter a Subject.

  9. Enter a Message in the large text box.

  10. Add any Followers or Worker Categories. Ensure you click the plus (+) icon to add. If Assigned To has been left blank these Followers will be able to pick up the task (if applicable).

  11. Click Save.

If you are creating a Workflow with the task Type of Project or Checklist please follow the additional steps below.

Additional Steps for Checklist Tasks

  1. Once the Workflow has been created (Steps 1-11 above) click Add to Checklist.

  2. Then complete as per Steps 4-11 above.

  3. Repeat Steps 1-2 as required.

Additional Steps for Project Tasks

The difference between a Checklist task and a Project task is that a Project task can have start and end dates.

  1. Once the Workflow has been created (Steps 1-11 above) click Add Sub Task.

  2. Then complete as per Steps 4-11 above including Start Date and End Date (no Due Date).

  3. Repeat Steps 1-2 as required.

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