Engage Error Codes
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Below you will find a list of common Engage Error Codes. If you encounter an error not included in this list or need further assistance please contact the Penelope Support Team.

Error Code





Please contact the Penelope Support Team for assistance.



The email field for the worker associated with the Client Task is empty.



The pin value following the Engage link is not recognized.

This error is typically caused when a user attempts to submit a Document from the same pin twice. The error is also caused when a user attempts to access the Engage URL without a pin.



The Document or Checklist Task due date has passed or if the Discussion has had no reply from a worker for 7 days causing the discussion to expire.



The Document and/or Checklist Task has already been filled out.



The Document and/or Checklist Task has been cancelled.



The Document and/or Checklist Task has already been completed.



The Document template has been changed to no longer be Client Facing.



The Document and/or Checklist Task has been reassigned to the worker.

A Document or Checklist Task is mostly commonly reassigned t the Worker when:

  • Stages are attempted to be completed out of order

  • An Engage user rejects a document task/checklist task

  • A Penelope user fills out the document in Penelope

  • A task is cancelled in Penelope

  • A Penelope user reassigns the document to themselves or another user

  • An Engage user goes back to the document pin that’s already been completed



The Document and/or Checklist Task has been cancelled.



The Discussion has been deleted from Penelope.



A child task on a Checklist Task is not a Document

If a user adds a non-Document Task to a Checklist Task that is to be completed by an Individual, they should delete the non-Document Task from the Checklist Task. Once that is done, the Engage user should be able to complete the Document.



The Individual has been removed as a follower from a Discussion.

Note: A user can also be removed as a follower from a Discussion if their email has been removed from their Individual Profile or their consents have been removed from their Message Settings.



The Individual has been removed from the record to which the Discussion thread was added; For example, they are no longer a Service File member). The user can no longer access or add to the thread as they do not have access to the record which the discussion thread is attached to.



The Individual has replied 3 times to a Discussion prior to receiving a response from the Worker. The Individual must wait for a Worker to reply to their messages.



The Individual has unsubscribed from Engage communications through the Unsubscribe link on Engage emails.



SSL has not been enabled.



Invalid character(s) were used in a response for a Document or Discussion the response cannot be saved at a database level.

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