On the Funder’s EDI tab (Funder page) it is possible to adjust the Submission and Transmission settings of an EDI file. To edit the Funder’s EDI Submission and Transmission settings click on the applicable tab (1) followed by the edit button (2) located in the top right-hand corner of the page to edit these settings.

An explanation of each field setting can be found below.

Submission Tab

Send EDI Claims To – This is the Funder/Clearinghouse to whom EDI claims are sent.

Active – Are EDI submissions allowed for this Funder?

Allow Corrections – Are corrections/adjustments accepted by this Funder?

Accept NPI – Are non-NPI loops and segments excluded?

Group By – This is the option to group transactions by day, by invoice or not at all.

EDI Name – Name used in the submission of EDI.

Claim Filing Indicator Code – Claim Filing Indicator (2000B SBR09).

Main Identification Code – Main Identification Code (2010BB NM109) and Main Identification Code Qualifier (2010BB NM108).

Sec. Identification Code – Secondary Identification Code (2010BB REF02) and Secondary Identification Code Qualifier (2010BB REF01).

Transmission Tab

Active – Are EDI transmissions to this Funder permissible?

Request Acknowledgement – Is Acknowledgement requested? (ISA14).

EDI Contact – Contact person for EDI submissions (1000A PER).

Billing Contact – Contact person for Billing Inquiries (2010AA PER).

Production File Creation – Production indication (ISA15). Checked means files will be created with a Production Data Flag, where unchecked will use Test Flag.

Upper Case Envelope – Is text for the ISA and GS loops converted to upper case?

EDI Name – Name used in the transmission of EDI.

Authorization – Authorization required by the receiver of EDI (ISA01) and Authorization Information (ISA02).

Password – Security Information (Password) required by the receiver of EDI (ISA03) and Security Information (ISA04).

Interchange Sender No. – Number and Code for Sender (ISA06) and Qualifier for Sender (ISA05).

Interchange Receiver No. – Number and Code for Receiver (ISA08) and Qualifier for Receiver (ISA07).

Application Sender Code – Application Sender Code (GS02).

Application Receiver Code – Application Receiver Code (GS03).

Submitter ETIN – Submitter Electronic Transmitter Identification Number (1000A NM109).

Receiver ETIN – Receiver Electronic Transmitter Identification Number (1000B NM109).

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