Adding a Deposit
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After adding a deposit in Penelope you are able to assign payments to the deposit. This helps track payments and can be very useful when reconciling your agency’s bank accounts.

You can also use the Daily Bank Deposit Report to quickly cross reference payments against deposits and bank accounts.

Adding a Deposit

  1. Navigate to your My Home page and click Add Deposit located in the Links sidebar.

  2. Enter a Deposit Date.

  3. Enter a Deposit Type.

  4. Enter a Site.

  5. Enter a Bank Account.

  6. Enter any relevant Notes.

  7. Click Save.

  8. On the Outstanding Deposit page select Assign in the Receipts section.

  9. Use the Search Criteria to find the payments you would like to add to the deposit and click Search.

  10. Click the plus (+) icon (or Select All) to add the applicable payments. If you make a mistake use the minus (-) icon to remove the payment.

  11. Click Save.

  12. When all payments have been added click Make Deposit.

If a mistake is made and you wish to revert the deposit click Revert to Outstanding.

Searching for a Deposit

Deposits can be searched by clicking Search (Billing tab > Deposit tab) in the Search Criteria section. Your Security Class will determine whether or not you can see these search options.

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