Policy Page
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The Policy page provides detailed information regarding an Individual’s policies and coverage. An Individual may have multiple policies, all of which may or may not have different Funders.

The Policy page can be accessed from the following two locations:

  • From the Individual Profile (Policy tab > click on the policy name).

  • By clicking on the relevant Policy name located on the Policy Coverage page.

Policy Page Tabs

The Policy page has multiple tabs each displaying different information:

  • Profile tab – The Profile tab displays information regarding the policy including the Holder, Policy Type, Funder, billing information, contract type etc.

  • Members tab – The Members tab display the members covered under the policy.

  • Notes tab – The Notes tab displays any notes which have been added to the policy.

  • Usage tab – The Usage tab displays detailed information regarding the policy usage (e.g. dates, Service Units, Quantity, Coverage ID, billing amounts etc).

  • Messages tab – The Messages tab displays any Discussions or Client Communications that may have been sent.

On all tabs, you will find the Policy Coverage section which will display information regarding the specific coverage, as well as additional functions (Add, Reauthorize, Roll Over and Delete). You can access the coverage by click on the Coverage ID.

Editing the Policy

It is possible to edit the policy (only from the Profile or Notes tab) by clicking the edit button located in the top right-hand corner of the page.

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