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The Invoice page provides Workers with a snapshot view of an invoice and includes the following information (but not limited to):

  • Invoice number (ID)

  • Invoice Date

  • Total invoice amount

  • Payments

  • Service Units

  • Notes (version and above)

Service Units Section

The Service Unit section displays all Service Units (Cart Items) which have been included in the invoice.

You can apply a payment or credit by clicking the plus (+) icon located on the right-hand side of the section. This applies the payment/credit against a specific Service Unit rather than an entire invoice.

If a payment/credit is made in error it is also possible to remove it by clicking the minus (-) icon located to the right-hand side of each payment/credit.

The Add Payment and Add Credit options apply the payment/credit to the entire invoice.

The Quick Apply option allows you to easily and quickly apply multiple payments or credits to an invoice. Note: Only use this function if you can fully apply a payment/credit to an outstanding invoice.

Outstanding Section

The Outstanding section provides the following information:

  • The total amount of the invoice (Total)

  • The payments made against the invoice (Applied)

  • The invoice balance (Balance)

  • Days outstanding (if applicable)

Reports Sidebar

The reports sidebar allows you to easily:

  • Print/view an invoice

  • Print/view an Australian Medicare Template (subject to certain criteria being met)

  • View the Invoice Applied Detail Report

More Information

For more information regarding invoicing visit:

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