To add your Rcopia User ID in Penelope follow the instructions below. This is required to access the Rcopia functionality at the Service Event level in Penelope.

  1. Navigate to your My Home page.

  2. Open My Profile sidebar (if not open by default) and click View My Profile.

  3. Navigate to the Clinical tab.

  4. Click Edit.

  5. Check the Change Rcopia User ID box, a Rcopia User ID field will appear, enter your user ID here.

  6. Click Save.

It is also possible to edit other fields as required. Please note that some fields may be restricted based on your security settings. For more information on the fields located in the Worker Profile (Profile tab) click here.

Edit Your Rcopia User ID

To edit your Rcopia User ID follow the steps listed above for adding a Rcopia User ID. In step 5 rather than adding a user ID you would update it with your new ID.

More Information

For more information on using Rcopia (DrFirst) click here.

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