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The Informal Series page provides Workers with a snapshot view of the Informal Series and includes the Informal Service name, status, start date, end date, Workers, Events etc.

Worker Tip

You can quickly and easily access the Informal Series List or Informal Service by using the bread crumb located under the Profile tab.

Edit an Informal Series

To edit the Informal Series click the edit button located in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You will be able to edit the following fields:

Workers Section

This is a list of all Workers assigned to the Informal Series. To add a Worker to the Informal Series:

  1. Click the Add link in the top right of the Workers section.

  2. Enter the Worker Name and then choose if they will be assigned as an Other (secondary) Worker (i.e. subordinate to the Primary Worker), as the new Primary Worker (removing the original Primary Worker) or as the new Primary Worker (retaining the original Primary Worker as an ‘Other’ Worker).

  3. Select whether the new Worker will be an Attending Worker (i.e. is expected to be present at the event).

  4. Click Save.


Here you will see a list of events that have been booked for the Informal Series. The list of events can be sorted alphabetically (by column) by clicking the column header.

New events can be booked by clicking the Book New link. For more information on how to book an Informal Series event click here.

You can also remove any events by clicking the applicable minus (-) icon.

As of Penelope only 20 events at a time will be displayed in the Events section of the Informal Series page. It is possible to view more events by clicking the Back/Next button located at the bottom of the events list.

Making an Informal Series Secure

Only Workers directly assigned to a secured series will be able to access it. This can be very useful if using Informal Series for staff supervision or other client activities that are confidential in nature.

It is also possible to access a secured Informal Series if the Worker belongs to a Security Class that has the ‘Allow Access to All Secured Informal Series’ rule enabled and is not a Worker on the Informal Series.

To secure an Informal Series click the Make Secure link. This can be reversed by clicking Make Not Secure.

Close an Informal Series

You can close an Informal Series by clicking the Close Series link shown below. It is also possible to reopen a Series by clicking the Open Series link.

Roster Tab

For information on adding and removing Individuals from the Informal Series Roster click here.

Messages Tab

For more information on sending a message from the Informal Series click here.

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