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The Agency Events page can be accessed by clicking on the Appts link (clock icon – see image below) on the left-hand side of your Worker My Home page.

Daily View Tab

The Daily View tab allows you to view Events booked at your agency in a daily snapshot.

Although the Daily View defaults to the current days’ date, you can view a specific date by clicking the Select Date link or by clicking on the Next or Previous links. This will display a list of appointments for tomorrow (next) or yesterday (previous).

The Daily View can include all Events types (Service, Group, Informal Series and Indirect) although you can apply a variety of filters. The filters are a powerful tool for narrowing down the event information you would like to view in a snapshot format.

The filters are cumulative, meaning you can select more than one before clicking Go and viewing your results. Filters include Site (and Site Tree). By clicking more the following options will also be made available:

  • Specific Worker

  • Worker Group

  • Event Category

  • Worker Site (and optionally, Site Tree)

  • Event Type

  • Exclusions (Cancelled, Non-Scheduled, Primary Contact)

To view the filters click the more link (see image below).

You will then see the following filters (see image below).

To print a schedule view click the print link.

Each scheduled item in the Daily View includes clickable links to the Individual or Service Files as well as additional information about the attendees including name, Primary Contact (if available) and Safety Concern (if enabled).

You can use the Agency Events page to record attendance or process Quick Pay payments.

Assignment Tab

You can find the Rapid Scheduling features on the Agency Events (Assignment tab).

For more details about Rapid Scheduling review the following tutorials:

Important Information

As of Penelope version – Group events now display on the Agency Events page, Agency Schedule page, Rapid Scheduled (Assignment tab) and Worker’s Calendar even when no Individual attendees have been added to the specific event.

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