Service Files are instances of service that are tracked within an Individual’s Case. Each Service File represents a single instance of service (i.e. Individual Counselling, Family Dispute Resolution etc) that your agency is providing to a given (set of) Case Member/s. The Case Members participating in a given Service File are referred to Service Participants.

Each Service File has a start/end date, status and assigned Workers. Within the Service File it is possible for Workers to schedule Service Events, complete Documents and attach files.

Add a Service File

To enroll a client in a service the Worker will need permission to do so. If you are problems adding a new Service File please contact your System Administrator.

  1. Open the Individual’s Case.

  2. Click Add Service File.

  3. Select the Service.

  4. Select a Group (if available/applicable).

  5. Enter a Primary Worker.

  6. Enter the Estimated Sessions (if applicable).

  7. Enter a Start date (can be back dated, todays date or in the future but cannot be after the Start Date).

  8. Enter a End date (can be back dated, todays date or in the future but cannot be before the Start Date).

  9. Check/Uncheck the Participant Name (as required).

  10. Choose the Presenting Individual.

  11. Choose the FFS Individual. This is the Individual paying any fees (someone must be selected even if there is no billing for the Service File).

  12. Choose any applicable Presenting Issues up to a maximum of 3 (please note that the field maybe called something different depending on your configuration).

  13. Click Save.

The Service File will be immediately created.

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