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The Pre-Enrollment page displays important information regarding an Individual’s Pre-Enrollment entry. Please note this page is only accessible to the following User Groups:

  • Intake-Mgmt

  • Admin-Executive

  • Clinical Worker

The Pre-Enrollment page can be accessed from the following locations in Penelope (subject to permissions):

It should be noted that the Pre-Enrollment List is often referred to as a "waitlist" or "queue."

Important Information

The Number of Days on List includes every day since the entry was added (i.e. doesn’t exclude weekends or public holidays.

Availabilities Section

The Availabilities section allows you to enter the preferred availability for an Individual (client). If your agency is using the matching functionality in Penelope, these times will be taken into consideration when matching a client with a Worker.

Case Information Sidebar

The Case sidebar provides a full list of all Cases and Service Files the Individual is a participant in.

Pre-Enrollment Sidebar

The Pre-Enrollment sidebar provides a full list of all open and closed Pre-Enrollment entries. A green dot indicates the pre-enrollment is open (i.e. awaiting to be enrolled/assigned) and a red dot indicates it is closed (i.e. has been enrolled/assigned into service or canceled).

Clicking on the Pre-Enrollment reason will open the Pre-Enrollment entry.

It is also possible to add an entry to the Pre-Enrollment List by clicking the Add link. Then, follow the instructions below:

  1. Select a Reason for Pre-Enrollment.

  2. Select a Case Service (if known/applicable – can be added later).

  3. Select an Informal Series (if known/applicable – can be added later).

  4. Select a Worker (if known/applicable – can be added later).

  5. Select a Filter (if applicable).

  6. Enter an On List date if not the default date.

  7. Select a Priority if not the default priority.

  8. Enter any Notes (if applicable).

  9. Click Save.

History Tab

The Pre-Enrollment History tab contains a log of all activities related to the pending Pre-Enrollment entry. This includes information regarding the pending entry, notes, the resolution of the status (i.e. whether any matching was confirmed or declined) etc.

Messages Tab

For information on how to send messages from the Pre-Enrollment Entry click here.

How to Cancel a Pre-Enrollment Entry

To cancel a Pre-enrollment entry:

  1. Click the Cancel link located above the Availabilities section.

  2. Select a Cancelation Reason.

  3. Enter an Off-List date.

  4. Enter any Closing Notes.

  5. Click Save.

How to Edit a Pre-Enrollment Entry

To edit a Pre-Enrollment entry click the edit button located in the top right-hand corner of the screen. The fields below can then be edited.

How to Assign a Pre-Enrollment Entry to a Service

For instructions on how to assign to a service click here.

If the Assign link does not appear above the Availabilities section this would indicate that a Service was not selected when adding the Individual (client) to the Pre-Enrollment List. To add a Service to the Pre-Enrollment entry, click edit (located in the top right-hand corner of the page) and select a Service from the drop-down.

Pre-Enrollment List

You can access the Pre-Enrollment List from your My Home screen or from a Pre-Enrollment entry on a client’s Individual Profile.

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