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Enroll/Assign a Client from the Pre-Enrollment List
Enroll/Assign a Client from the Pre-Enrollment List
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The Pre-Enrollment List is a way to keep track of clients:

  • Who haven’t yet been assigned/enrolled to a service.

  • Who are waiting for an opening in a service.

  • Are waiting for a specific Worker to become available.

You can access the Pre-Enrollment List using the "waitlist" icon in the left navigation, or you can access a specific Pre-Enrollment entry through a client’s Individual Profile.

This tutorial explains how to enroll a client who is already on the Pre-Enrollment List.

Useful Information

When enrolling a client in a service from the Pre-Enrollment List, the term Assign is used in Penelope (i.e. Assigning a client into a Family Counselling service is the same as enrolling a client into the Family Counselling service).

Access the Client's Pre-Enrollment Entry

1. In the left navigation, click the "waitlist" icon. This will open the "Pre-Enrollment List" in another window.

2. In the "Pre-Enrollment List," you may search for specific criteria to limit your search results. After locating the desired Pre-Enrollment entry, click on the the respective reason under the "Reason" column.

3. On the "Pre-Enrollment" page - "Entry" tab, click the respective reason under the "Pre-Enrollment" component on the right-hand sidebar.

Assign the Client into Service

1. On the "Pre-Enrollment" page - "Entry" tab, click "Assign" near the top right.


a) In the "Off List" field, type the date the client was removed from the Pre-Enrollment List.**

b) If required, in the Closing Notes field, type any closing notes about the Pre-Enrollment entry.

c) Click "save."

**If your System Administrator has disabled the "Allow Future Pre-Enrollment Off List Date" checkbox, then this date must occur on or before today. Future dates will result in an error.

3. Depending on your configuration, you will be prompted to enroll the client in service using the "Add Service Wizard" or the "Add Service File" feature.

After You Finish Assigning

Service File

After you add the client into a service, you will be taken to the client’s Service File page. The Service File "Status" indicates that the client was enrolled into service from the Pre-Enrollment List.

Pre-Enrollment Entry

You can continue to view the client’s Pre-Enrollment entry, including any "Closing Notes." The red icon indicates that the Pre-Enrollment entry is closed.

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