Standard Reports Guide
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Attention: Athena is now Bonterra. Please bear with us as we update our screenshots to match our new name

The Bonterra Standard Reports guide provides an overview of the built-in reporting options available in Penelope. Some of the reports are only available when purchased with specific modules (ORS/SRS, DSS and NDIS) and may not be available in your database.

About report security settings

A Report Security Class is a security class setting used to give or restrict access to built-in reports in Penelope. Penelope includes several built-in Report Security Class options that you can assign to a worker. You can also request that your System Administrator create custom Report Security Classes based on your agency’s unique needs.

The default Report Security Classes include:

  • ALL Reports

  • Default Admin-Exec Reports

  • Default Intake-Mgmt Reports

  • Default Clinical Worker Reports

  • Default Kiosk User Reports (**The Kiosk feature is not available in v4.7.2.0 and higher of Penelope**)

  • Default System Administrator Reports

  • Default Volunteer-Student Reports

The specific reports included in each of these default options are designed to fulfill the most common reporting needs for that User Group type. Note that, other than the “ALL Reports” option, the default Report Security Classes cannot be modified.

When you add a new user to Bonterra, the Report Security Class assigned to that worker is automatically selected based on the User Group the worker is assigned to. For example, if you set up a worker as Intake-Mgmt, they automatically inherit the “Default Intake-Mgmt Reports” option. You can, however, adjust which Report Security Class assigned to the worker to one of the other default options or a custom option created by your System Administrator.

Configure a Report Security Class

To customize access to specific reports, you must modify an existing custom Report Security Class or create a new custom Report Security Class.

Prerequisite: You must be logged in to Penelope using a System Administrator account.

  1. In the User Setup section, click Security.

  2. Click Class Setup.

  3. Complete one of the following actions:

    1. To modify an existing custom Report Security Class, in the Report Security Class section, click the name of a class.

    2. To create a new custom Report Security Class, in the Report Security Class section, click Add.

  4. As applicable, select the reports you want the workers belonging to this class to have access to.

  5. Click Save.

About accessing reports

Depending on the report, it will be accessible in one or more locations in Penelope. Reports are most commonly found in the “View All Reports” page in Bonterra, but they can also be found in the “My Reports” section of the Reports sidebar or directly on the applicable record the report is concerned with.

Print a report

To print a report, complete one of the following options: • If your agency logo appears in the top left corner of the report, click the logo. • If your agency logo does not appear and instead you see a red X, click the X. • If you do not see your agency logo or the X, on your keyboard, press CTRL/CMD + P.

Individual reports

Account Aging List Report

Account Statement As Of - Individual

Account Statement For - Individual

Detail Individual Profile Report / Profile Report

Individual Collateral Contact Info. Report

Individual Contact List Report

Outstanding Detail Report - Individual

Unique Individual Demographic Report

Case Service reports

Case Account History Report

Case Billing Summary

Case Event Report

Case Load Cart Service Unit Report

Case Profile Summary Report

Clinical Manager Report

Complete Case Profile Report

Opened/Close Service File Report

Service File Roster As Of Date Report

Worker Service Participant Roster Report

Service Reports

Actual Report

Masters Service Event Status Report

Master Service Statistical Report

Service Billing Summary

Service File Account History Report

Service File Demographic Report

Service File Event Members Report

Service File Event Report

Service File Participant Stats Report

Service File Summary Report

Target Report

Service Event Reports

Event Amount Summary Report

Event Billing Summary

Event Details Report

Event Service Unit Detail Report

Event Status Report

Event Status Summary Report

My Event Notes Report

Service Unit Reports

Cart Service Unit Report

Cart Service Unit Report By Worker

Group Reports

Group Series List Report

Group Summary

Group Event Reports

Group Event Details Report

Group Event Summary

Document Reports

Document Breakdown Report

Document Change Over Time Statistical Report

Document Group Comparison Statistical Report

Document Individual Statistic Report

Document Score Setup Report

Outcomes Breakdown Report

Random Client List Generation Report

Survey Check Box Change Report

Survey Point Scale Report

ORS/SRS Reports

ORS Measures Client Lists with Flags Report

ORS Measures Rolling Average Report

ORS Measures Self Audit Report

Funder Reports

Account Aging List Report

Account Statement As Of

Account Statement For

EAP Utilization Report

Funder Collateral Contact List Report

Funder Contact List Report

Funder Demographics Report

Funder Event Summary Report

Funder Event Type Statistical Report

Funder Presenting Issues Report

Outstanding Detail Report

Outstanding Funder Report

Billing Reports

Account Summary Report

All Receipts/Credit Note List Report

Applied Receipts/Credit Detail

Batch List

Booked Appointments Of The Past Report

Cart Item Amounts Report


CMS 1500

CMS 1500 Preview/CMS LIST Report


Daily Bank Deposit Report


Debit Applied Detail Report

Debit Detail With Taxes Report

Debit Note List Report

EOB Detailed Report


Invoice Preview

Invoice Applied Detail Report

Invoice Details Report

Invoiced Detail With Taxes Report

Invoiced Service Units List Report

No-Invoiced Service Units Report

Non-Posted Invoices Report

Receipt/Credit Applied Detail Report

Service Unit Adjustment Report

Tax Amounts Report

Policy Reports

Coverage Expiration List Report

Group Policy Roster Report

Group Policy Setup Report

Individual Policy Report

Policy Coverage Use Report

Public Policy Roster Report

Public Policy Setup Report

Unit Coverage Use Report

Worker Reports

Direct Hours Percentage Report

Human Resources Report

Presenting Issues Report

Worker List Report

Schedule Reports

Indirect Event Report

Individual Check-In Report

Example report

Intake Availability Times Report

Worker Availability Report

Worker Day Sheet Report

Anonymous Service Reports

Anonymous Service Category Report

Anonymous Service History Report

Informal Series Reports

Informal Event Attendance

Informal Series Participation Report

Pre-enrollment Reports

Pre-enrollment list Report


NDIS Claim Preview Report

NDIA Claim Summary Report

NDIS Client Summary Report

NDIS Coverage Usage Report

DSS Reports

DSS Client Demographic Report

DSS Case Submission Report

DSS Client Submission Report

DSS Error Details Report

DSS Score Assessment Report

DSS Sessions Submission Report

Incomplete DSS Case Record Report

Incomplete DSS Individual Record Report

Incomplete DSS Session Record Report

Other Reports

Blue Book Entry Report

My Client Workflow Report

Referral History Report

Resource Utilization Report

Organization Data Profile Export

Security Class Report

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