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Sending Completed Documents through ClientConnect
Sending Completed Documents through ClientConnect
Updated over a week ago

This new capability is available to all Penelope clients using ClientConnect.

Please note: Completed Documents cannot be sent to Engage users.

Document Setup

A new setting has been added to Penelope’s Document Setup called ‘Allow "Send Completed Document"’. This setting will show when ClientConnect license key has been installed and the Document Template has been set to "Client Facing". This setting can be set when adding new Document Templates to Penelope or modifying existing Document Templates.

This capability is available on Document classes that can be Client Facing (Form, Outcomes Assessment, and Survey). Penelope will display what is set for this setting if a ClientConnect license key has ever been installed (i.e. will still show up on setup if the CC license key has expired).

When this setting is on, the Penelope user will be able to send it to a ClientConnect user on records that currently have a "Client Task" bucket.

When Previewing the Document Template, you can't send it to the Individual Completed For (no link to do so is displayed).

Document Sending

When you are able to send the Document to an Individual in ClientConnect account a “Send Document” link will display.

For the Send Document link to display, the following conditions must be met:

  1. ClientConnect license key is Active

  2. Client Communications are Enabled

  3. ‘Allow "Send Completed Document"’ is set to yes for the Document template

  4. The Document must be “Completed In” Penelope or Engage.

    1. Where the “Completed In” is “Engage” - will only be able to send if the Individual now has a ClientConnect account, it will NOT send through Engage.

  5. The “Completed For” must be an Individual with a ClientConnect account that is “Active”, or “Locked” (cannot send to accounts that are Pending, Closed, or Disabled).

  6. Completed Document exists on a record that has the ability to send "Client Tasks" to Engage or ClientConnect for completion (Individual, Case, Service File, Service Event).

  7. Document must be fully Complete (all required questions are answered).

A Completed Document can be sent regardless of the Document Template’s status. If the template has been set to "Inactive" the Penelope user can still send the Document to the ClientConnect user as long as the Document Template is “Client Facing” and ‘Allow "Send Completed Document"’ is set to yes.

When the user clicks “Send Document” they will be able to select the Individual to send to and any followers required. They will be able to add any messages to the client required (“Message” field is optional).

To send the Document click “Save”.

Sending a Document will lock the revision. A confirmation warning is displayed informing the user of this.

Once the user selects “Okay” the document will be sent. After a Document has been sent to a ClientConnect user it cannot be deleted from Penelope.

In the Document’s details section, “Sent to ClientConnect” will be set to “Yes”. Before the Document is sent, this will be set to “No”.

A new label has been added to the Completed Document page, above "Sent to ClientConnect" called "Completed In". This label displays where the Document was completed (Penelope, Engage, or ClientConnect). This only shows for Case, Individual, Service File, and Service Event level Documents. This field was previously a backend field that was not displayed in Penelope. Some older documents existing pre-Engage & ClientConnect may not have these filled out.

Previously, the “Completed For” field was not filled when using the “Copy” link on Documents. As of version, when copying a Completed Document Penelope will set "Completed In" to "Penelope".

Some scenarios that you could run into related to copying a Document:

  • Original Document "Completed In" is "ClientConnect" → Copy Document → Copied Document will be "Completed In" "Penelope"

  • Original Document "Completed In" is "Engage" → Copy Document → Copied Document will be "Completed In" "Penelope"

  • Original Document "Completed In" is "Penelope" → Copy Document → Copied Document will be "Completed In" "Penelope"

  • Copying a Copy that does not have a "Completed In" → Copy Document → Copied Document will be "Completed In" "Penelope"

Review Tasks

Sending a Completed Document to a ClientConnect user creates a “Review” task with the Document attached to it. This task will appear in the Client Task section of the Workflow drawer in the sidebar.

This task will be closed when the Client access the message in the ClientConnect inbox OR access the Document from the Service Timeline. This acts as an ability to see if the client has looked at the Document that has been sent to them.

The “Due Dates” for these tasks will not display for the Penelope user.

ClientConnect Notifications

The ClientConnect user will receive an email that a Document has been sent to them as well as a Message in their ClientConnect Inbox.

Viewing and Printing the Document

To view the Document, the individual will log into their ClientConnect account. There, they can then click into the message in the ClientConnect Inbox to view the message and click the View Document button.

If the Document is a Service File level Document, it can be accessed on the Service Timeline for future reference (currently Case and Individual Profile Documents completed in ClientConnect cannot be accessed from the Service Timeline).

When the client clicks View the Document or clicks into the Document in the Service timeline, they will be taken to the Document page. Here they can click on the Print this Assessment button if they wish to print a copy outside of ClientConnect.

Surrogates & Dependents

Surrogate ClientConnect users will receive email notifications when a new Document is available to view in ClientConnect for their Dependent.

To view their dependent’s documents, when logging in they will select the dependent they want to connect as and click Continue.

Once logged in, the ClientConnect user will navigate to the message in the Inbox or on the Service Timeline. From there, they will see the same screens above for viewing the Document (as if they were logged in viewing their own profile).

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