Engaging Clients with ClientConnect
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ClientConnect is a mobile-friendly client portal that empowers your clients to participate in their care while improving outcomes and providing transparency, accountability and trust.

  • With ClientConnect, your clients can participate more fully in their care. The portal gives them the ability to check messages from their providers, view their provider’s availability and schedule new appointments, pay online or check their account balance, review tasks, and keep their profile and contact information up to date.

  • ClientConnect gives your clients a private, secure way to connect with your organization and the services you provide. ClientConnect is designed to work with mobile devices and has a responsive interface, meaning it’s intuitive and accessible whenever your clients need it.

  • ClientConnect saves staff time by facilitating quick and easy communication with clients while improving engagement. The portal also helps to reduce the incidence of no-shows and cut back on billing and administrative tasks.

Working with ClientConnect

Below, you will find some useful links to help you make the most of the features available in ClientConnect.

Configuring ClientConnect

For more information on configuring ClientConnect, click here.

Accessing Penelope Remotely

When working from home, you will need to be able to access Penelope. Please contact your IT department to ensure you have everything you need. If you or your IT department need additional help, please contact the Penelope Support Team.

Useful Links and Information

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