Centralized Emails Sending FAQ
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  1. What is Centralized Email Sending?

    In short, Centralized Email Sending is email sending from Penelope provided by Bonterra! This simplified integration allows you to keep your internal email servers for your staff's inboxes and let us handle sending emails from Penelope.

  2. Can we opt out of Centralized Email Sending but still maintain messaging functionality?

    Currently, this is opt-in functionality. However, we will be switching over all Penelope customers over to Centralized Email Sending. Once we set a date for the switch-over, we will start sending out communications. We recommend you get setup now during the opt-in to avoid any hiccups that might occur later when we switch everyone over.

  3. Who do I contact if Centralized Email Sending stops working?

    First, check your Junk mail. If you don’t find an email there, do a “Test” on the External Communications setup page. If that test is unsuccessful or it works and you’re still not receiving emails from Penelope, contact Penelope Technical Support.

  4. What does Penelope use to send emails?

    Penelope sends emails using SendGrid.

  5. What happens if an email cannot be delivered because the email doesn't exist?

    SendGrid will receive the bounce notification that the email could not be sent to the email address.

  6. What details exist about emails sent from Penelope in SendGrid?

    The details we can see are email address and the status of the email (whether it was sent, and why it wasn't sent). This history is retained for 7 days.

  7. Does SendGrid use SMTP Modern Authentication?

    Yes, our integration with SendGrid makes use of SMTP Modern Authentication

  8. Does the "Send From" email allow SendGrid to connect to our mail server?

    No, it will only use the "Send From" on the email sent to the Penelope, Engage, or ClientConnect user. It will not connect to your mail server to send emails.

  9. Where do replies to emails go?

    Replies will go to the inbox of the "Send From" email address. As per current email functionality in Penelope, replies to emails sent from Penelope do not get sent back to Penelope.

  10. What is Bonterra's SLA with SendGrid?

    Customer Support will respond to SendGrid/Centralized Email Sending inquiries within our standard SLA’s. If SendGrid/Centralized Email Sending is non-responsive for multiple databases, we will treat the issue with high priority. If you are reporting an issue with SendGrid please include the TO email address, FROM email address, approximate date/time of email address, and any other details. Be aware that history is only maintained for 7 days. Support may not be able to track intermittent or one-time issues older than 7 days. Emails coming through SendGrid may be delayed due to filters in your inbox or organization. If you believe emails are not reaching your inbox for reasons unrelated to personal or organizational filters/block, please contact support.

  11. Is switching to Centralized Email Sending billable?

    No, making the switch to Centralized Email Sending will not involve any additional fees and it is supported as part of your existing Support agreements.

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