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Troubleshooting ODBC connections in Excel
Troubleshooting ODBC connections in Excel

Still having issues setting up your ODBC connection in Excel? Check out this guide!

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Receiving Password authentication error, but the connection works just fine from the driver settings?

> Select Get Data towards the top left
> Data Source Settings second from the bottom of the list
> From here you should see a “Data source settings” window come up with a box with your Penelope data source listed
> In the same “Data source settings” window, select Clear Permissions, and after doing so, go through the setup process again and reenter your ODBC credentials

Update your connection string in Excel

> Select Data towards the top of your Excel screen

> Select Queries & Connections

> In the right side Queries & Connections menu select the Connections tab

> Right click the first connection you see and select Properties

> In the definition section, do you see a block of text? If you do and there’s there’s anything after “DSN=abcde;” (abcde will be whatever you’ve named your data source) remove that text and try again, leaving anything in the Command Text section as it is.

If you are seeing a "password authentication failed" or similar error when connecting through Excel, it is recommended to connect through the Legacy Wizard.

Note: MS Excel for Mac does not support the custom reports. The alternatives would be to use an open sourced database tool designed for MacOS, such as DBeaver, and Navicat for PostgreSQL. You can setup your ODBC connection in one of these tools, and then write very simple SQL scripts like " select * from " to retrieve data from the views that TS team have developed. Support for these alternative tools falls outside scope.

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