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Support Scope Guidelines for ODBC
Support Scope Guidelines for ODBC
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This series of documents is intended to help clarify the scope of support coverage for different areas of Penelope and add-on modules.

What kinds of things are:

Included in Support packages

  • Setting up the ODBC connection and providing the credentials for the account

  • Troubleshooting to ensure there is nothing wrong on the Bonterra's end preventing a successful connection, and some high level suggestions for what to check/make changes to on the customer's end.

  • General instructions on how to download and install an ODBC Driver.

  • Provision of supporting documentation (Supported Views Guide, ERD).

  • One complimentary IP Address change after set-up.

Fall outside of Support coverage

  • Extensive troubleshooting to ensure there is nothing on the customer's end preventing a successful connection, such as a firewall.

  • Installation of an ODBC Driver or a one-to-one walkthrough to do so.

  • Instructions on how to use third-party programs to build reports, such as Excel or Power BI.

  • Extensive troubleshooting of errors in a third-party program if the connection is successful through the driver.

  • Assistance with any custom reports

  • Subsequent IP Address changes after the single complimentary change.

  • Changes made to database that will stop upgrades from completing successfully i.e. tables or views added and have the wrong owner, or other nonstandard modifications made by the customer.

Handled by the Professional Services or Tailored Services teams, or offered as a billable service through a Support ticket

Contact your account manager to discuss purchasing advanced and professional support services at

  • A one-to-one walkthrough to install an ODBC Driver.

  • Training on how to use Excel or Tableau to create custom reports.

  • Subsequent IP Address changes after the initial complimentary change.

  • Troubleshooting to resolve issues with the database where appropriate in our judgment.

  • Running scripts on a database, billable for each occasion.

  • Providing assistance to customers with running their own scripts or providing technical support relating to it beyond high-level instructions – these services can be provided on a time/materials billable basis.

  • Assistance with custom reports built by the Tailored Services team.

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