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Bonterra Academy Self-Signup (Free training resources!)

Bonterra Academy is an excellent resource for learning how to set up, use and manage your Bonterra Software. If you do not already have an Academy Account, you can sign up by following these steps to access this free content.

Signing Up:

  1. Enter your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and confirm your same Email Address

  2. Enter one self-signup code:

    1. for Administrators: Penelope Admin

    2. for Standard Users: Penelope

    3. for on-demand Document Training Series: Penelope DTS

  3. Click “Register”

  4. Check your inbox for an email from prompting you to choose your Company, enter a password and login for the first time.

  5. Complete!

Getting Started:

  1. Log in to the Academy:

  2. Bookmark this URLfor easy access


  • Reset your password at any time from by clicking “I’ve forgotten my username/password.”

  • Use more than one Self-Signup Code to add additional Academy Access. Complete the form and register, then enter your details again with a different signup code (use the same email address to add the additional access to your existing Academy Account).

  • Reach out if you need additional Academy assistance:

Penelope System Training

This training provides a platform where Penelope users can learn about Penelope’s functionality and capabilities and covers information for Customer Service, Front Desk Staff, Practitioners, and Managers.

Duration: 4 hrs 20 min

Penelope Reporting 101

This webinar gives customers an overview of reporting options available in Penelope, including the ability to access over 150 built-in reports, pull data into third-party apps like Excel, and create impressive data visualizations using Tableau, our add-on reports suite.

This training cover the following topics:

  • Standard Penelope built-in reports

  • Extract data directly from Penelope database (ODBC)

  • Tableau Server reports

  • Document data lists and data fields

  • Custom reporting solutions

Duration: 30 mins

Penelope Billing

This training cover the following topics:

  • Individual Accounts, Billing Overview, Quick Pay, & Payments

  • Deposits, Debits & Credits

  • Fee For Service, Service Fee Override, Sliding Scale, Admin Setup for Sliding Scale

  • Funder & Funder Account Page, Creating Invoices in Batch Mode

  • Public, Group & Private Policies, & Billing Sequence

  • Returns & Recovery, Coverage Maintenance & Expiry

  • EDI 837p, CMS, EDI 835 & EOB

Duration: 2 hrs 30 min

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