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Penelope Release Notes - v4.24.1.0
Penelope Release Notes - v4.24.1.0

Available to customers: December 11th, 2021

Updated over a week ago

Penelope Mobile has been redesigned and expanded with an initial set of functionalities targeting home workers. Penelope Mobile provides workers with access to their calendar, case data, and the ability to take event notes and fill out event documents with clients.

  • View upcoming calendar events

  • View and search historical calendar events

  • View details of calendar events

  • View your case information (individual, service file, case, group, informal series)

  • View case information associated with an event

  • Create or edit notes on events

  • Add documents and assessment forms to events

  • View documents associated with events and various case information

  • Take event attendance

In addition to these new features, we have done our best to make Penelope Mobile fully accessible and operable with access-assistance tools.

The existing Penelope Rich Text Editor has been replaced throughout the application in the following places:

  • All Notes/rich text fields

  • Internal discussion text (currently simple text because of Chromium bug)

  • Rich Text Memo fields within documents

  • Document description field

It has not been replaced in the following places:

  • Document Set-up fields – header and footer document elements or layout field for letter type documents

As part of this migration, all text within rich text fields have been sanitized to ensure that it does not contain potentially harmful data. For the majority of customers that are using cross-site scripting (existing sanitization script) this should be a minimal change. For the handful of customers who are not, the change is likely more impactful.




FAHCSIA removed from Penelope Interface

References to the previous FAHCSIA module have been removed from the Bonterra interface.

"Hide Event Location on Ext Comm." replacing "Hide Site Name on Ext Comm."

"Hide Event Location on Ext Comm." has been added to support organizations who do not need the Event Location shared in Event Confirmations or Event Updates. Similar to the previous "Hide Site Name on Ext Comm."

Allow Bonterra users to set up whether a Standard Document is "Client Facing".

Users with Document Setup access will now be able to set whether a Standard Document is "Client Facing" so the client can complete any required assessments themselves. They will also be able to set the new Allow "Send Completed Document" setting so your organization can send copies of Documents completed in Bonterra to a ClientConnect user.

Upcoming Tasks and Reminders - remove closed Tasks with future dates

In the "Upcoming Tasks and Reminders" section of the Workflow tab in the Collaboration Suite, tasks with a date in the future that have been completed or cancelled will no longer show. If you need to find these tasks, they can be found by searching on the "Advanced tab.

"Mark all messages as read" button for ClientConnect

A button has been added to the inbox in ClientConnect that allows the user to mark all the messages as read.

Feature Fixes

Feature Fixed


Text overlap when viewing Required questions in a Composite Questions in Engage and ClientConnect.

When a Document had a Composite Question with multiple Questions in the setup that are required when the Document is viewed in Engage or ClientConnect and the required questions were not answered the text indicating which question was required overlapped with other questions. This has now been resolved.

The "Use Multiple Addresses" setting is not honored in ClientConnect.

When "Use Multiple Addresses" is set to "No" on Individual setup, ClientConnect was giving the user the option to add more than one address. This has now been resolved, ClientConnect will honor the "Use Multiple Addresses" setting".

Error encountered in ClientConnect when a Document is reassigned from the client to a Worker (or the task queue).

When a Document had been reassigned from a ClientConnect user to a Penelope user, the ClientConnect user received an error message. This has now been resolved, the ClientConnect user will no longer encounter an error after a Penelope user has re-assigned the Document or Checklist Task.

When "Video Session Link" exists on Group Event the Service Event below the Group Event does not show the "Video Session Link".

When using the "Video Session Link" option on a Group Event, Service Events below the Group Event did not contain the Video Session Link that was entered on the Group Event. This has now been resolved, both Group Events and Service Events below the Group Event will contain the "Video Session Link" entered for the overall Group Event.

Incorrect error message displayed when attempting to delete a Stage with a previously finalized Revision.

When a Document had a stage rule in a previous Revision and removal was attempted in a new Revision, the incorrect error message was showing as to why the Stage in the Document could not be deleted. The error message will now tell the user that they cannot delete the Stage from the Document because a previous Finalized Revision included that Stage.

"Required" option not working for Rich Text questions that exist in Composite Questions.

When a Rich Text field is set to be required in a Composite Question, the Rich Text field was not being treated as required when a user would add a row to the Composite Question. This has now been resolved.

ClientConnect users cannot pay their Debit balance.

When attempting to pay a Debit balance in ClientConnect, the user was unable to pay. This has now been resolved.

"Subject Line Only" emails not sent to Workers.

When "Send E-mail using" was set to SendGrid and "Delivery Detail" was set to "Subject Line Only" for Worker Message Settings, email sending to the Worker failed. This has now been resolved.

The Engage unsubscribe link is incorrect in the "Discussion is received email"

When an Engage user replied to a Discussion the unsubscribe link was incorrect in the receipt email with the message sent by the Engage user. This has now been resolved

Engage forms open at the bottom of the page.

When filling out a Document with multiple Pages in Engage, when clicking "Next" the user would be taken to the bottom of the next Page. This has now been resolved

Engage Calendar display cut off.

When filling out a Document in Engage with a Date question, in certain situations the Calendar would appear cut off at the top of the page. This has now been resolved.

Blue Book Entry timestamp updates not showing correct user.

When a Blue Book entry was updated, the timestamp would show the update with the creator of the Blue Book entry, not the person who updated it. This has now been resolved.

"add all available workers" not working when booking Events

When using "add all available workers" on booking an Event, in certain situations, an error would be encountered. This has now been resolved.

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