Billing: invoices, receipts and reports

How to read and check my invoices and receipts?

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Download your bills and adjust the billing email address under Settings - Account - Billing. We distinguish two types of bills: Receipts and Invoices. The receipt shows costs that have already been settled, the invoice shows costs that will be debited from your bank account by direct debit.

Billing info

Under billing info you will find company details that you entered when registering for your Stager account or when going through the KYC process. You can adjust some data yourself, such as the e-mail address to which notifications about new bills are sent, other data we will have to adjust for you. That's because that particular data is also known by the payment service provider Adyen and when something changes, this must also be passed on to them. We'll do this for you, please contact us when data needs to be updated.


A receipt contains costs that have already been paid. When a visitor buys a ticket, the income is split immediately. The ticket revenue largely goes to your account, minus the Stager ticket fee, which goes to the Stager account. This means you have already paid the ticket fee when a payment is completed. Comparable are the payout and refund costs, which we debit from your account as soon as the action is carried out. During a month we collect the fees for the receipt. At the beginning of the following month we will send an email to the billing email address to let you know that your receipt is ready for you in the backstage. This will generally be on the fourth of the month.

What's on a receipt?

  • Ticket costs per payment method

  • Payout costs

  • Refund costs


The biggest difference with a receipt is that an invoice contains costs that have not yet been paid. At the beginning of the month you will receive an email that an invoice is available, halfway through the month the invoice will be debited by direct debit from your bank account.

What's on an invoice?

  • Plan (Awesome of Cool)

Which plan you have and what the costs are is to be found under Settings - Account - Plan. From this page you can also upgrade or downgrade to another plan.

How do I check the ticket sales?

You want to know whether the monthly receipt corresponds with the actual sales and refunds and payouts. How do you check this?

The easiest way to do that is to print a monthly overview via Reports - Sales exports - Ticket sales by date. At Tickets sold after, select the first of the month and at Tickets sold before the first of the following month. Leave the times at 00:00. Choose Payment type Online.

Filter the report by Payment method, for example iDeal, and add the totals of the column Stager fee fixed and Stager fee variable. You will now find the total Stager fee. Compare this amount with the amount on the receipt.

The same goes for refunds. In the report you add up the totals of the columns Stager refund fee fixed and Stager refund fee variable. You can also find this amount on the receipt.

For the payouts, go to Settings - Account - Payouts. Each payout that has been made is listed with date in the Payouts table. Check if the number of payouts made in the table matches the number of payouts on the receipt.

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