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What are Special Events?

Special Events are events that StartPlaying hosts, partnering with conventions, charities, and TTRPG publishers to bring games to a wider audience. Often, these events will include a charity aspect, allowing GMs to donate a portion of their earnings to a charity!

How do I run a game for a special event?

1. Be sure that you are signed up to run games on StartPlaying.Games by following the steps in this article.

2. Follow the steps listed here to create a Game Template.

3. Once you've completed those steps, create an Adventure.

4. On your Adventure, click Add Session

4. When the below screen pops up, check the box marked "Special event"


5. Once the box is checked, a drop-down menu will appear.

6. Select the correct event to get additional information about the event. Then, click Add

7. Once a session is scheduled, you'll see a new "ticket" icon on the session, indicating that it is for a special event!

Can I add an event to an existing session?

No, right now you can only join a special event when you schedule a new session. You cannot join an event with an existing game session.

How does payment work for charity events?

If you choose to have schedule a session as a part of a charity event with StartPlaying, we handle the donation for you! That month's charity will receive 100% of the booking for your game. If your players tip you for your charity event session, that money will also toward the charity.

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