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How Do I Batch Schedule My Sessions?
How Do I Batch Schedule My Sessions?

How to schedule multiple sessions of a campaign or one-shot at once

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StartPlaying now offers Game Masters the option to batch schedule sessions for their adventures. You can add up to 10 sessions at one time, at a frequency that is right for your campaign!

How to Batch Schedule Sessions for an Adventure

Click on the name of your Adventure, or click on the 3 dots and click "Edit"

Under "Schedule," click on the "Add multiple sessions" button

Fill out the information in the "Add multiple sessions" pop up

Frequency: You can select from weekly or bi-weekly/every other week. If you're scheduling a one-shot, you can also select daily.

Amount of Sessions: You can schedule up to 10 sessions at a time

Note: Players in campaigns are automatically added to all sessions scheduled.

Confirm the "Sessions to be added," then click the blue "Add" button

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