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How Should GMs Handle Failed Payments?
How Should GMs Handle Failed Payments?

What Game Masters should do if their player's payment ails

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It happens to every GM eventually. For whatever reason, the card a player used didn't go through on the site, leaving you unpaid for your session 😱

How do I know if my player's payment failed?

Looking through your payouts, you should be able to find the failed payment, it will look like this:

Once the player has updated their payment method and the card is recharged, you will see a new line item that looks like it came through your payouts.

What do I do as a GM if my player's payment failed?

Reach out to that player first to let them know their payment failed and to update their card on file. StartPlaying will automatically send them an email that their payment failed, but it's important you also reach out to let them know.

You can send them the link to this FAQ for how to update their payment method!

What if I reach out to my player and they don't respond?

If you have reached out to your player about their failed payment, and you do not hear back from them after 24 hours, you can report them by emailing

Give us as much information as you can about the situation, and we'll begin investigating!

If we determine that the player has been defrauding you or other GMs on the site, we will help you with the cost of that session.

If you allow your player to stay in the game and they continue to rack up debt in your game from session costs, we will not cover those. It is your responsibility to notify us as soon as possible so we can fix the situation.


If my player has an issue with their card on StartPlaying, can they just repay me off-site?

No, do not have your players pay you off site.

Taking payment off site is a violation of our Terms of Service, and may be grounds for removal from StartPlaying:

Do not request, make, advertise or accept a booking or any payment outside of the StartPlaying Platform to avoid paying fees, taxes or for any other reason. This includes taking payment via Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp, or any other service from users who came from StartPlaying website, app, discord server, and/or engage with a game, part of split tables, messaged, or discovered you on StartPlaying.

If your player is having trouble with their card, please have them email us at and we can help look into why their card may be declining.

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