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How to Request a Refund for a Game
How to Request a Refund for a Game
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Whether you missed the session, there was a charge that shouldn't have gone through, or the group needs to make a last-minute change of plans, sometimes you need your money back!

Note: All StartPlaying refunds are issued as site credit.

Contact Your GM First for a Refund

Your first step should always be to contact your Game Master! Game Masters can issue a refund up to 14 days after a payment goes through.

If your situation falls under our Refund Policy, your Game Master get you a refund by following the steps in this FAQ article.

What if my GM doesn't get back to me?

If you don't hear back from your GM after 24 hours, or you feel your refund was wrongfully refused by them, you can contact us at

Make sure to give us:

  • The email on file with your StartPlaying account

  • The name of the Game Master

  • The name of the Adventure

  • The date of the Adventure

  • Screenshots of you contacting your Game Master

  • Why a refund should be issued

What if I have a negative balance on my account that should be refunded?

If you have a failed payment on your account that should be refunded, you should still reach out to your Game Master first. Game Masters cannot refund a failed payment on their end, so they will need to contact the Support Goblins for assistance.

Your Game Master can reach out to our Support Goblins at to let us know the charge should be removed, and the Support Goblins can make sure that charge gets refunded.

Can I get a partial refund?

Game Masters can only issue full refunds for games. A partial refund would need to be issued by the Support Goblin team.

If your would like to issue a partial refund to a Player, please tell your Game Master to contact us at

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