To get started with the creation of an influencer profile card, click the ‘add influencer’ button in the Influencers section.
There are 3 ways to create influencer profile cards: by importing an Excel / CSV file, entering profiles one by one based on the URL or username or by saving profiles directly through the Discovery module.

  • If you choose to import an excel or CSV file, make sure you follow the field format as shown on the following samples: Excel sample or CSV sample . You can add multiple values by separating them with a ";". Order of fields are not mandatory.

  • If you choose to enter profiles one by one, you can either 1) use the bar and enter the username or URL of the influencer's social account you are interested in, or 2) you can use the stellar Chrome extension to ‘pin’ and save influencers straight from their blog or pages on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. 

  • If you choose to save profiles from the Stellar catalog you can search accounts by using over 15 filters to discover the right Instagram or YouTube influencers across 10M+ accounts in our database. Additionally to filters you can search by keywords to narrow down your search in case available categories are too broad for your niche.

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