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Report module: How to create and leverage a report?
Report module: How to create and leverage a report?

Learn how to leverage the Reports module

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The Reports module allows you to create reports for your campaigns. You will be able to monitor the influencers’ publications all in one place and track performances per social channel and influencer, to improve over time and better utilize your budget.

Creating a report is quite fast and easy and there are 3 ways to create a report. You can create a report from scratch in the report module, from a group you previously created or a project you set up.

To create a report from an existing group or project, click the "Create a report" button in the Action menu. Alternatively, from the Report page, click the "+Create a report" button located on the right side of the screen.

Either way, when you create a report, you just must give a small amount of information such as title, group(s) or project that includes influencers you want to track, start and end dates for the report, or the hashtags and mentions that will be used in the posts. Every post containing those, made by the influencers you select, will be captured and analysed in your report. Optionally you can add the spend for the campaign.

*Once your report is created, go to:

  • Overview tab which gives you all the metrics of your campaign. You can check general performances and the top performer section shows you which influencers perform better according to different KPIs so that you know who the best ambassadors for your brand are. You will also see which links are more clicked and popular.

Thanks to the campaign budget you manually enter and the EMV we automatically update for you; you’ll be able to review the performance indicators and know the ROI of your campaign.

  • Breakdown gives you performances of your campaign per social networks and over time

  • Influencers tab gives you a quick overview of influencers, individual work and performances. When did they post? Where and what are the main results? Were they efficient? You can also add individual sales performances and spend per influencer so additional metrics are measured such as Cost Per Sales and ROI.

  • Click any influencer name to review their work and performances for your collaboration. Access overall performances, breakdown per channel and content published.

  • Ultimately, go to the Posts tab to monitor all posts published by influencers all in one screen. You can filter content per channel or by influencer, hashtag, keyword or dates. You can even monitor Instagram stories that will stay on Stellar and can be downloaded as well.

  • You can also manually add any post or story. Click the influencer name and enter the URL or browse and select content straight from the list on the influencer’s account. It is also possible to manually remove a post or add metrics per post, such as impression or reach and brand relevance.

  • On top of quantitative data, Stellar also gives you access to qualitative data (only for Instagram campaigns) thanks to our Comment Analysis tab. This part of the report will show you the percentage of positive, neutral, and negative sentiments behind the audience's comments. You will also have an overview of the top mentions, top commenters, and top emojis. Stellar will also give the list of the keywords being used the most in the audience comments.

Finally, you can easily share your report by email, export data in Excel/PowerPoint (no limit) or PDF (limit of 100 influencers AND 120 posts maximum); and, also, export all campaign posts (5Go limit = 2000 posts and/or stories) which will be sent to you by email via .zip.

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