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Where Can I Track my Account Activities?
Where Can I Track my Account Activities?
Optimize the management of your account with the Activity tab.
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The Activity tab is found in your Settings.

This tab is designed to support the management of your influencers portfolio. It also allows you to optimize internal organization as it offers an overview of all the users' activity on your Stellar account through 3 sections:

  • Influencers management

Shows which influencer profiles have been deleted from your account, when, by whom, and why.

  • Groups management

Shows which influencers have been added to, or deleted from, a group, when and by whom.

  • MySoda connections

Shows the status of your influencers' MySoda connection and when the invitation link was generated.

The "Reset" button, on the right in the Influencers and Groups management sections, enables you to easily undo the deletion of an influencer and restore the profile on your account or in a specific group.

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