• Influencer Profiles

Each influencer profile includes an estimation of the EMV per post types.

A number of factors needs to be taken into account when estimating the EMV of a post (click here for a detailed breakdown of Stellar's EMV calculation). The projected EMV is susceptible to vary slightly depending on the campaign and other factors. Therefore Stellar provides an approximate value that ranges from -25% to +25% of the estimated EMV.

  • Projects

In the Projects module, Stellar gives you an overview of the total EMV for all of the posts of a specific project in your Deliverables & Forecast.

You also find the estimated EMV for each influencer's publications involved in the project.

  • Reports

It is in your Reports that the EMV is the most valuable. It the basis for the calculation of the ROI of your campaign (click here for more details on the ROI calculation).

The total EMV of your campaign can be found in the Overview tab among other key performances indicators.

Stellar also provides a breakdown of the EMV of your campaign
- per post types
- for each influencer involved in your campaign
- for each piece of content posted in the framework of the campaign

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