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What does N/A mean on Posts?
What does N/A mean on Posts?

Unavailable information in your Influencers Profiles and Reports

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You may notice the mention N/A on some post in your influencers profiles or in your reports. 🤔

What does N/A mean?

When you see the mention N/A under a post, that means the value is not available to display; either because the influencer has decided to keep it private or because we are subsequently unable to provide accurate calculations.

Which posts does this apply to?

You are susceptible to see this N/A mention on Facebook and Instagram posts.

Late May 2021, Facebook made it possible for content creators on both platforms to hide the number of likes on their posts.

Although this behavior remains fairly marginal, some influencers are trying out this new feature and hiding their likes count on some or all of their posts.

Which value can be affected?

The hiding of the likes count on a post may impact other calculations.

  • Number of likes

  • Earn Media Value

  • Estimated cost

  • Engagement

🎩 Pro-tip:
To learn more about how to spot influencers who hide their likes and how to deal with the situation, please read: "What to do when influencers hide their likes?"

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