What are hidden likes?

Late May 2021, Facebook made it possible for content creators on both platforms (FB & IG) to hide the number of likes on their posts.

Although this behavior remains fairly marginal, some influencers are testing this new feature and hiding their likes count on some or all of their posts.

How do I know if influencers hide their likes?

On the platform, Stellar makes it easy for you to spot the influencers who have hidden their likes on one or more posts.

1) Banners

When an influencer has hidden their likes, a blue banner will appear to specify which influencer(s) and which metrics are impacted.

In the Analytics section of the influencer's profile

In the Overview section of your Report

2) N/A
Underneath each post for which an influencer has hidden the likes count, you will see the mention N/A instead of each metrics that is consequently unavailable.

To learn more about the metrics that can be impacted, read this article: "What does N/A mean on Posts?"

What to do if an influencer hides the likes on sponsored posts?

Usually, influencers understand that it is important for sponsors and partners to see the amount of likes their posts generate, as this is a key metrics in the evaluation of a post success.

However, if you notice that an influencer you are collaborating with for a campaign has hidden his/her likes on a post, we recommend that you simply reach out and explain that, in the context of the campaign, you need to see their likes count.

Once the likes are made public again, your report statistics will be adapted with the next content update.

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