Deep Dive into Search Terms

Use this tab to view the performance metrics for all search terms that have generated impressions for your ASINs.

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Evaluate search term level performance at each step of the search funnel, identify top improvement opportunities, and maximize your market share on highest potential search terms.

  1. Select an ASIN (by default, Stoke selects the highest revenue ASIN)

  2. You can focus in on a subset of keywords by using our global filter, which includes the following:

    1. Branded or non-branded keywords

    2. Critical metrics, such as impressions, clicks, purchases, conversion rate, organic rank, and more

    3. Most recent week or most recent month

    4. For example, the filter bar below will show the top 10 non-brand search terms with the best organic rank for the last four weeks.

    5. When you use the global filter, that logic is applied throughout the entire application (including the Search Terms tab). You will only see search terms that meet the filter criteria.

  3. Directly under the data filter bar, you’ll see a chart with the top 5 search terms based on your filter parameters. The chart shows Impression Share for each search term by default, but in the upper right-hand corner, you can select any funnel metric from the SQP report (impressions, clicks, adds-to-cart, purchases, and purchase rate). You can also add or remove search terms by clicking the funnel icon to the right.

  4. The Search Query Performance table shows the organic rank, search volume, PPC spend and revenue driven by PPC spend (if ad spend is associated with the keyword) by default. You can customize the columns shown in the table by selecting the customize button in the top right, where you can pull in additional data such as Impression Share, Click Share, Purchase Share, etc.

    1. The second column displays Stoke’s suggested action (or opportunity classification) for that keyword. Clicking the arrow to the left of the search query will open the full analysis behind the suggested action.

    2. Under “Suggested Actions”, you’ll see a link to your Seller Central account so you can easily implement the recommendation if you choose to.

      Note that 10 clicks are required for a recommendation to be provided.

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