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Identify Specific ASIN Opportunities
Identify Specific ASIN Opportunities

Use this tab to identify the opportunities that are most likely to result in significant improvements in performance.

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Identify opportunities to optimize Amazon listings and PPC spend for a specific Parent or Child/Variant ASIN using Amazon's Search Query Performance data.

  1. Select an ASIN (at parent level or child/variant level)

    1. Child ASIN data is automatically aggregated when the Parent ASIN is selected

  2. You can focus in on a subset of keywords by using our global filter, which includes the following:

    1. branded or non-branded keywords

    2. Critical metrics, such as impressions, clicks, purchases, conversion rate, organic rank, and more

    3. Most recent week or most recent month

    4. For example, the filter bar below will show the top 10 non-brand search terms with the best organic rank for the last four weeks.

    5. When you use the global filter, that logic is applied throughout the entire application (including the Search Terms tab). You will only see search terms that meet the filter criteria.

  3. Directly below the Filter options, you’ll see an overview of your KPIs for the selected filters. These are customizable; you can change the metric for that widget by clicking on the down arrow next to the KPI name.

    1. Clicking on a widget will update the chart to the right of your KPI overview to show that KPI's performance over time.

  4. The next section on the dash shows your top Opportunities - Stoke’s recommendations for improving performance.

    1. These Opportunities are segmented into Ad Spend (Increase or Decrease) and Product Listing (Preview or Content) Opportunities. Stoke’s top 5 recommendations are listed under each Opportunity type. If you’d like to see all Opportunities associated with your account, go to the Search Terms tab.

    2. Clicking on one of these search terms will open up the full analysis under the Search Terms tab. Under “Suggested Actions”, you’ll see a link to your Seller Central account so you can easily implement the recommendation if you choose to.

  5. Additional Data Visualizations for funnel performance

    1. In the final widget, you can select one of four metrics (Impressions, Clicks, Purchases, and Organic Search Volume) and view its performance over time. On the right, you can select how you’d like to view the data - total count, share, or rate.

    2. You can also select “Table View” to see this data in a table format

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